GTPL Map – Government Tenders and Procurement Law, 1440H


This roadmap aims to provide a clear pathway to government tenders and procurement in the KSA. It should be specified that unless other types of procurement are permitted, the public tender must be used in all cases.

Firstly, we illustrate the types of procurement and related tenders in light of

  1. the number of providers;
  2. urgency or emergency cases; and
  3. their value.

Next, we provide a chronological sequence of actions in the procurement portal from pre-qualification through to assessment of bids and finally to release of tender results.

We delve deeply into the selection process highlighting qualification requirements, technical and financial assessments, and negotiation.

We present the necessary contractual requirements such as contract language, duration, financial guarantees, sub-contracting principles, change order variation, price adjustments, and payments.

We also discuss penalties for delay, performance, and undersupply contracts and we explain the difference.

Finally, we examine the dispute resolution mechanisms available.

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