Comparative Studies and Benchmarking

Comparative Studies and Benchmarking

Conducting a detailed and rich benchmarking analysis can often generate new ideas for the strategic direction of innovative government projects.

Drawing from global experience, our Government Advisory team has worked on numerous projects – either independently or alongside strategy consultants – that have involved aspects of multi-jurisdictional comparative assessments and covered sectors as varied as land registration, leasehold rights, local government powers, public health, and tourism regulation.

These studies are designed to provide our clients with the most accurate picture of best practices utilized in various nations, both regionally and around the world. We work with our clients to evaluate the comparative studies and to determine the extent to which they should implement these best practices in their own organizations.

The first step in a successful comparative study is the selection of the appropriate jurisdictions using agreed-upon criteria. We prioritize selection criteria that will ensure the results of the analysis will be relevant to the KSA context from a constitutional, regulatory, and governance perspective.

We know the importance of being able to extract relevant findings from comparative studies without being bound by details that may be irrelevant to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We study and analyse the findings drawn from these studies and then summarise these as key insights to be utilised in strategic input into a project or to draft new laws and regulations.