Government Legal Function Support

Government Legal Function Support

We know that government authorities are often engaged in the most dynamic and challenging areas of regulation, with developing mandates and inter-related projects combining to create a complex mesh of regulation to be navigated by government legal functions.

We provide dedicated legal function support to government authorities to provide day-to-day support in matters such as drafting bylaws; regulations and policies; reviewing and drafting commercial law contracts with the private sector; drafting MOUs and communications with other public entities; addressing ad hoc queries in relation to the authority’s mandates and powers; and providing general support in relation to all issues that are directed to the authority’s legal function.

Our approach involves:

  • Understanding our clients’ needs – our team offers a targeted, tailored service that gets right to the core of any issue by placing an emphasis on your regulatory mandate and commercial objectives in the assessment of any issue;
  • Providing the right team to achieve the right result for our client – we carefully choose our teams to get the right blend of international experience, local depth, and commercial sense, meaning that our client have the best legal team for your specific situation, and, therefore, the best chance of success
  • Supporting our client in all circumstances, from the everyday to the exceptional – whether their needs fall within day-to-day matters or longer-term challenges, our dedicated team is committed to helping them navigate the intricacies and challenges that arise;
  • Staying proactive – our clients directly benefit from our proactive approach. We offer advice provided in the format of concise executive presentations; access to customized on-line training; a dedicated app; and regular insights into the market; and
  • Maintaining a positive working atmosphere — – we want our client to enjoy working with our team, particularly given the fully-integrated nature of our support. This is an essential detail for both our clients and our lawyers, and one which we never underestimate.


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