Banking Disputes

Ensuring success through banking disputes

Led by Z&Co. partners H.E. Abdullatif Alharthi and Sarah Gonem, our litigation lawyers have significant experience and understanding of SAMA laws and SAMA regulations. They work with and practice before the specialized SAMA Banking Disputes Committee. Z&Co’s full-service offering with expertise in both contentious and non-contentious transnational work gives us the commercial experience required to run a litigation strategy within the specialized finance context.

In addition to our bench of former judges and litigators, we have a bench of internationally-qualified, bilingual lawyers drawn from the highest caliber international law firms, enabling us to move freely between the two worlds of local litigation and international commercial culture.

Our banking disputes experience includes:

  • Banking transactions (acting on behalf of the bank), including disputes over deposits, disbursements, account suspensions, remittances, clearing, erroneous restrictions, corrective restrictions, operation of accounts, agency transactions, fraudulent operations, account liquidation, and compensation for damages; and
  • Banking contracts, covering disputes over various Islamic finance contracts—including Murabaha, Tawarruq, Musharaka—finance leasing, letters of guarantee, documentary credits, early repayment, and disputes arising from refinancing and rescheduling of debts, whether for real estate, securities, or guarantees.